Product Overview

Working from a height in any industry can be a dangerous business. One trip on top of a narrow walkway can spell disaster for workers, their families and employers.

Booth Engineering has the solution to eliminate this danger to workers: 'The Booth Safety Rail System'

Complying to Australian Standard AS1657-1992 and/or AS3868-1991, the system has won WorkCover Victoria's Award for Excellence in Innovation in Work Place Health and Safety.

Since the first rail systems were installed to wine tankers in 1997, hundreds of companies from diverse industries have recognised the need for safety and fitted the 'Booth Safety Rail System'.

For road going equipment, the system is made from stainless steel and weighs just 80kgs. They can be fitted to any type and make of tanker, trailer or vehicle.

They're easy to use. Operators simply activate a control valve and the air cylinder powered railings lift into position and lock in place.

It requires minimal maintenance and can withstand all conditions.

In transit the safety rail system sits no higher than 150mm (6 inches) above the catwalk. When it's time to work on top of the tanker, the system provides 900mm-1000mm high hand rails for the entire perimeter of the walkway except for the ladder access position.

For underground mining vehicles we make a heavy duty model complying to AS3868-1991. This model is hydraulically operated from either a hand pump or electric pump.

The 'Booth Safety Rail System' also provides safety off the road in the workshop. Preventing falls for mechanics in workshop pits.

The 'Booth Safety Rail System' is a registered design in Australia (132932) and New Zealand (29069). The system is patented in Australia (725447) and New Zealand (330896) with patent pending in the United States.