Product Features

When buying the Booth Safety Rail System you are buying peace of mind. Consider the following features:

Construction of either 304 grade stainless steel for road going models, or heavy wall pipe for underground mining vehicles. This ensures strength and long life.

Tested: The Booth Safety Rail System has been independently tested to ensure compliance to Australian Standard AS 1657-1992 and/or AS3868-1991.

Durability: Over 5000 sets are now in operation in Australia and overseas with the first units having now travelled millions of kilometres with minimum maintenance. The main pivoting points run on Teflon bushes to ensure strength, long life and precise alignment.

Lightweight: The road going model (AS1657-1992) weighs in at no more than 80kg for a typical tanker, an important consideration when maximising payload.

Class 3 vehicles: Every part of a Booth Safety Rail is electrically earthed to the tanker to eliminate static electricity. This makes them suitable for tankers carrying flammable product.

Operation: Operated remotely from a safe location using either pneumatic rams, hydraulic rams, electric linear actuators or manual linkages. Operation is quick and effortless, unlike alternative systems such as harnesses and lanyards which drivers dread to use.

Interlocks: The system can be connected to apply spring brakes when handrails are raised for even greater safety, or alternatively, only operate if the brakes are applied. This ensures that the truck cannot be driven off with the rails raised

Insurance Liability Coverage: General public and product liability and Umbrella liability each covered for $20,000,000.

WorkCover Authority: We have received encouragement from WorkCover in South Australia, NSW and Victoria, even though they will not endorse a product. We were recipients of the 1997 Victorian WorkCover Award for Excellence and Innovation in Work Place Health and Safety, and in the 1998 Awards we were a finalist.

WorkCover Preferred: WorkCover Regulations and AS 1891.4 state that the use of physical barriers such as handrails are preferable to the use of fall restraint or fall arrest systems.

Intellectual Property: Registered Design No. 132932 (Australia) & 26069 (NZ), Patent No: 725447 & 762326 (Australia), 330896 (New Zealand), 09/223771 & 09/454477 (U.S. Patent Application).

Adaptable: The Booth Safety Rail System can be built to suit any make or type of tanker, trailer or vehicle. We can design, build and despatch a kit to anywhere within the country, usually within 2 weeks.

Easy to fit: We have a network of fitters and agents across the country. Alternatively, companies can choose to fit the system themselves, as we provide all drawings and instructions required. A system can be fitted in a day (16 man hours) ensuring minimum time off the road.